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Our take on Smart Sustainable City


From our perspective, a city is Smart only if it fulfills all the following requirements:
Enjoyable by its dwellers and visitors.
Profitable for the investors.
Healthy for the citizens and for the environment.
Adaptable to the ever improving technologies.

How we get there


Always under a layer of economic feasibility and social well-being, we approach new developments with the goal of achieving Smart Sustainable Cities.
Architecture as the integrating force of our process.
Climate Engineering. The key magnitude here is Kwh/sqm/annum.
Smart Technologies. A Big Data Platform as a Central Nervous System.

Montessori school Málaga

Smart Green Cube

Montenuño Housing

La Buena Estrella

Smart Sustainable City


We are a Madrid-born studio, open in Madrid and Málaga in Spain and willing to make our contribution to improve the lives of citizens around the world